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Rio Lagartos Adventures

Birdwatching,Flyfishing,Photography, Flamingo &Crocodile boat trips in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan

Rio Lagartos Adventures
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We drove to Rio Lagartos from Merida and stayed overnight. Rio Lagartos is a small town whose main attraction is the wonderful estuary and surroundings. Diego arranged the overnight lodging, which was clean and quiet. The highlight was the 2 tours he put together for the 3 of us -- one in the estuary and the other on land -- to see the birds. We have been birdwatching in many places, and this was one of the best. Our guide on the estuary trip knew every nook where rare (to us at least) birds were likely to be found and was enthusiastic and patient with our requests. Diego was our guide on land, and again, he knew just where to stop and what to look for. In Mexico we focus on culture and ecology, not the high-tourist beach scene, and this was definitely a highlight of our stay in the Yucatan. Highly recommended for those who like to get off the beaten path.

  • Visited December 2010
“high point of Yucatan travel”  Reviewed May 19, 2011

Our time in Rio Lagartos remains the high point of our 10 days exploring the Yucatan Peninsula because of Rio Lagartos Adventures' bird and crocodile tours. Through emails Diego customized what we wanted to do and made it exceptionally interesting and fun for a family ranging in ages from 18 to 68. We had a boat to ourselves for both trips. Diego speaks English very well, is extremely personable, is environmentally sensitive and knows the area like the back of his hand. We identified more than 20 birds in and around the mangroves, visited beautiful flamingo nesting grounds and caked ourselves with mud for a refreshing mud bath. We were amazed as an apparently sleeping crocodile suddenly rushed toward our boat and out into the night. Diego helped us get to know and love the natural beauty of this quiet fishing village and its surrounding waters. We also enjoyed many good meals at his restaurant La Torreja on the waterfront.

  • Visited April 2011

We took a couple who was staying with us at Abbey del Sol in Puerto Morelos (vacation rentals) on a tour to Rio Lagartos. Someone else in Puerto had recommended Diego as the guide to go with so we contacted him by phone and email to reserve a tour. He reserved a room in a modest hotel that was clean but with very limited amenities (especially if you are used to the amenities provided at Abbey del Sol) and helped to make our stay in RL easy and fun. We did an even tour into the mangrove to see night creatures and crocodiles. Then the next morning out to see an amazing array of birds and the impressive flamingos. I love nature but am not a "go out into nature" person so i was a little hesitant. I found the tours captivating and Diego was a wonderful guide. Our guests, one of whom was an avid bird watcher, were even more enthralled than I was. We will be sure to send all of our Abbey del Sol guests who want to see Rio Lagarto with Diego. Abby

  • Visited April 2011       
“Baby Tarpon Fishing”  Reviewed April 2, 2011

Went baby Tarpon fishing with Diego and had a great time !! I fished for a day and a half with Diego just before Christmas and managed to get my first tarpon ever !!! Diego is a class act, very professional who really knows his stuff. Even though water conditions were tough, Diego knew what to do to put me on the fish. That first day i hooked into at least a dozen baby tarpon and that is all you can ask for from a guide. I just love the way these fish come flying out of the water !!

Would definately recommend Diego to anybody who wants a fantastic day on the water.

  • Visited December 2010
“Best part of our trip to Mexico”  Reviewed March 11, 2011

We arrived in Rio Lagartos around 11 AM on a Tuesday, after 3 hours of driving from playa del carmen where we stayed. Ramon, one of Rio Lagartos Adventures' guides was on the deck and said he would take us out even with the office still closed at that point. We asked how long the tour would take and he told us whatever is best for us- from 1 hour to 2.5. It took 3... and it was amazing!! We saw every single type of bird advertised, including the roseate spoonbill, we saw huge crocodiles, and ramon was driving the boat as close as possible for the best shots, but in a very non-disturbing manner to the habitat. the best part of the trip were the salt marshes of las coloradas, where the water is all shades of pink, because of a small organism that lives in it, called artemia. this is also the preferred food of the flamingoes and therefore the place we could see them. this place is so amazing and different that it's worth doing the whole trip even without seeing the flamingoes! but boy did we see flamigoes! hundreds of them! we ended up walking on the salt flats taking pictures of them, bathing in the salty water that keeps you up on the surface without any movement, and then we smeared white mud all over ourselves- ramon showed us all the interesting places and we took amazing pictures! around 2PM as we were heading back, we saw other boats with up to 6 tourists, so our advise is to go early if you want to experience this in smaller groups.

  • Visited February 2011
“Saw great birds with Diego Nunez”  Reviewed January 31, 2011

I birded with Diego Nunez in January 2011, and we had a great time. He's a very good guide. We saw a Motmot, Great Black Hawk, Caracaras, and three endemic species I hadn't seen (and couldn't see) elsewhere. Diego is great at spotting birds. You'll enjoy your day with him!

  • Visited January 2011
“Great tour, personalized service”  Reviewed December 14, 2010

We arranged a bird watching tour with Diego's crew online. We simply emailed when we would be there and received a message back from Diego confirming our reservation. We showed up early and they were ready for us. Instead of putting multiple people on one boat, we had our own boat and guide. We saw other tour companies with boats weighted down with 6-8 people.

Our guide, Jose, was terrific. Fluent in English, very knowledgable of the area and someone who truly respected this special nature preserve. Jose new all the spots to see some terrific wildlife. Because it was just my husband and me on the boat with Jose, we were able to navigate into some special places to get a closer view and photographs of amazing wildlife.

We spent three hours at Rio Lagartos. It cost us $75 and was well worth it. We finished up at the restaurant onsite and the food was good and prices very reasonable. We would definitely go back and head out with Jose again!