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Rio Lagartos Adventures

Birdwatching,Flyfishing,Photography, Flamingo &Crocodile boat trips in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan

Rio Lagartos Adventures
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from Riviera Maya.
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Diego and Matildés Posada
Ria Maya Waterfront Lodge
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Experience the natural beauty of the
Rio Lagartos Bio Reserve
"Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve"
with "Rio Lagartos Adventures"
   Carribbean Flamingo(phoenicoperterus ruber in the "Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve    
Rio Lagartos is the breeding site for the
Yucatan's flock of 40,000 Flamingos
We have flamingos here all year!
 A green heron in the mangroves in the Ria  Lagartos biosphere reserve in the Yucatan peninsula
     Green Heron in the mangroves
We have great birdwatching!
395 species of birds live and visit here.
Visit our new  Birding Website!
 A 65 kilo tarpon caught on a fly rod after a three hour fight in Rio Lagartos
The tarpon fishing is among the best
in the world.
 Green sea turtles mating near the beach in Rio Lagartos Yucatan
The coastline of the Bio Reserve is
the third most important breeding site
for sea turtles worldwide
A  very Rare Video of a Jaguar at night in the Rio Lagartos  Bio-reserve    
(You Tube video)
The Jaguar was seen during a Crocodile  Night trip with Rio Lagartos Adventures. A bright spot light is used to find the crocs.
                              Rio Lagartos is a village with
friendly people, excellent
fresh seafood and good small
hotels. Many visitors who
visit only for a day wish that
they had planned for a overnight stay.
Day visits from the Riviera Maya
or Merida make for a long day
of driving.An overnight stay gives
you the opportunity to visit interesting places while traveling to and from
and to take advantage of more of the things we offer.Come visit for a day
or a week.We will make your stay
educational,fun and delicious.
Diego Nuñez
Naturalist,Bird and Fishing Guide
  Egret with chicks in their nest in the early summer in Rio Lagartos


                        We specialize in low impact eco-tourism

to provide access to this beautiful
wilderness.Our guides are very skillful in
identifying the wildlife here.English
Spanish and Italian speaking guides
are available.


 We are experienced in arranging packages

for student groups,birders&fishermen

that can include tours,meals,lodging

and transportation


Visit our new websites for more information on fly fishing and birding and packages
















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We are located in the village of Rio Lagartos on

the Yucatan peninsula.


We Have just moved  to    our new permanent Location!!

Link below

All  of our trips start from ¨Ria Maya¨ restaurant on the waterfront.(Formerly

Restaurante Isla Contoy)



We offer:


Flamingo Tours


Fly fishing for tarpon


Sport fishing on

the gulf of Mexico



Birdwatching by

land or boat


Crocodile Night







Fresh Seafood at

"Ria Maya" restaurante



Stay with us at Posada Diego and Matilde


Guided tours from Playa Del Carmen,Tulum and Cancun


 Great Egret in the Rio Lagartos Bio Reserve

 Great Egret in the Bio reserve



 Great Blue heron are common in the Bio Reserve 


 Guide Jose after a mud bath,Bano Maya 


 A mud bath "Bano Maya"   is part of the Flamingo boat ride


 Turquiose browed MotMot in the Rio  Lagartos Bio Reserve




 Roseatte Spoonbill in Yucatan(Rio Lagartos


Roseate spoonbill



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