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Rio Lagartos Adventures

Birdwatching,Flyfishing,Photography, Flamingo &Crocodile boat trips in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan

Rio Lagartos Adventures
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Diego and Matildés Posada
Ria Maya Waterfront Lodge
I first visited Rio Largartos about 5 or 6 years ago as I was searching around for some fly fishing waters, and here ran into Diego.
Since then have visited R L about two times a year every year since and every time fished either with Diego or one of his guides; mainly for the small tarpon in the inlets and creeks where wind is not much of a problem and allows you to fish all day. It is always fun and there are always some fish to cast to in these backwaters.
One thing to be knowledgeable of is even though the tides down there are small; at low tide you cannot get into some of these backwater areas so prior knowledge of when low tides occur makes for much more successful fly fishing.
There are good accommodations right there (air conditioning) by Diego's restaurant, which is the starting/stopping point of each trip and his better half Matilda does all the cooking and it's fresh, excellent and very reasonable.
The fly rods required are in the 7/8 weight range and floating lines due to the shallowness of the backwaters.
If you go out in the Gulf for the bigger tarpons and jacks (and the wind) then 10 to 12 wt rods are in order along with sinking lines and/or shooting heads. It is also advisable to bring your own salt water flies and tippet/ shock tippet material
Finally getting there from the airport which is on the west side of Cancun and R L is northwest of the city, thereby avoiding the town altogether, I grab a rent a car from off airport locations then drive directly there which is all on well paved roads and quite easy to travel the 140 miles. About three hours.
Because of the reasonable costs, as I usually fish alone, I will continue going there and fishing with Diego for fun and fish!   Currie Harbor
Currie Harbour
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