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Rio Lagartos Adventures

Birdwatching,Flyfishing,Photography, Flamingo &Crocodile boat trips in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan

Rio Lagartos Adventures
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from Riviera Maya.
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Diego and Matildés Posada
Ria Maya Waterfront Lodge
Visiting Rio Lagartos from
Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, Tulum and the Riviera Maya

The best option is to use a rental
car and to spend at least one night.
This will give you the most choices of
tours and places to visit on the way to and from
 Rio Lagartos.
It is possible to visit just for the day but it makes for a long day with night driving on your return. An overnight stay gives you all the options for tours at the best times of day. Available tours include Bird watching by Land or by boat, Photography Tours, Crocodile Night Tours, fly fishing and light tackle. Surf our website for all
 the Options and prices
We have two options for lodging:
Ria Maya Waterfront Lodge
and Posada Diego and Matilde


You can also reach us by bus but this is much slower and gives no options for stops on the way to or from Rio Lagartos.



There a number of wonderful stops that you can make

on the way to and from Rio Lagartos.

The ruins at EK BALAAM are beautiful and less hectic

The COBA ruins are also fantastic

Punta Laguna is a wildlife area with wonderful birds, Spider and Howler monkeys.

Valladolid is very nice Spanish colonial city.

The roads are well maintained and safe.


    Flamingos in Rio Lagartos on a guided flamingo trip
from Playa del Carmen,Cancun or Tulum 

Join us for :
!!!Great views of Flamingos!!!

 See many of the 395 species of birds recorded here.

Get close(safely!) to crocodiles up to 2 meters
and other wildlife

Swim and float effortlessly(like the Dead sea) in  a reddish salt pond.

Enjoy the fun and sensation of a mud bath
 with fine white mud.

 Then a swim at a nearby beach to refresh.

All Boat tour ends at "Ria Maya"restaurant
where you can have a  delicious lunch of fresh locally caught fish and seafood ..
(chicken, meat and vegetarian dishes are available)Meals not included in the tour prices

!Many more photos and  information below!
!!scroll down!!
Contact Us for reservations and information
White and Brown pelicans are two of the species to be seen on a flamingo trip                 

   Brown Pelicans are residents. The White Pelicans are winter visitors from the US

Private and Custom Tours
We are experienced in working with corporate groups,families,wedding parties and many others to design fun and interesting days
in Rio Lagartos and other places here in the Yucatan.
Contact us for help planning your outing.
Groups must be at least 6 persons to have pick up and  return to your Hotel
along the coast. Contact us for a price including food,a stop at Ek Balam
and a flamingo  tour and lodging


 A family enjoying playing in the mud

One stop on the tour is at the reddish colored salt ponds where you can float effortlessly like in the Dead Sea and Great Salt Lake

 Rare Horseshoe crab in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan
 A horseshoe crab  which is found only a few places in the world. Including Vietnam and Rio Lagartos and the Delaware Bay

 One of two species of Crocodiles found
 in the estuary of Rio Lagartos
.Morelet´s crocodile and the american  crocodile

 A Roseatte spoonbill photographed on a Flamingo tour with Rio Lagartos Adventures in Yucatan
 A roseatte spoonbill has the coloration of  flamingos for the same reason. The beta carotine in their food is responsible.

A flamingo couple .The larger is the male. They mate for life


Flamingos practice their mating dance.We are always careful  not to disturb the flamingos. To survive they must spend most of their day feeding to maintain their
energy. Being disturbed and caused to fly unnecessarily takes away from their energy supply.

 The Ceiba tree is sacred in Mayan religion and a place for ceremonies

The ruins at Ek Balam is part of a flamingo tour to Rio Lagartos from Playa del Carmen,Tulum or Cancun
with Iguana Boats and Rio Lagartos Adventures

Many of the Mayan sites no longer allow visitors to climb the structures.At Ek Balam this is not the case.You are  permitted to climb all 106 steps to the top for a spectacular view.

Climb the the 106 steps to the top of the ruins at Ek Balam on your Flamingo tour with Rio Lagartos Adventures and Ek Balam visit
with Iguana tours

Just half way up the acropolis is the king's tomb and highly decorated.There are many great photos online. This photographer has a trick knee and does not climb pyramids.

The palapa covered sections have the ornate carvings that decorate the king's tomb. The restoration is still in progress.

The base of the Acropolis is 540x 210 feet and it is 100ft tall

The original entrance to Ek Balam. Ek Balam was a walled city.

















Seafood at Ria Maya Restaurant is locally caught
and fresh. Many varieties of fish,octopus,sea cucumbers, lobster and crab are available in season

  The seafood platter served Family style at Ria Maya restaurant. Grilled and breaded fillets of grouper and snapper, fillets stuffed with cheese and Shrimp, Quesadillas with
 shrimp and more.    

Ria Maya Restaurant is just feet from the water
and has no road or traffic or obstructions to the view
of the harbor. The best sunsets in Yucatan are seen here.

The palapa roofed restaurant is on the second floor for a great unobstructed view of the harbor and estuary.

Frigate  birds are always seen on Flamingo boat trips.

Magnificent Frigate Birds

There are non stop photo opportunities on the flamingo trips

Enjoying a mud bath while on Flamingo tour with
Rio Lagartos Adventures in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan

 A Black Hawk

Arriving at the salt ponds

Stopping for a swim in Rio Lagartos on the tour with Iguana Boat Tours
Boats stopped at a beach for a refreshing swim after seeing the crocodiles,flamingos,many species of birds and having a mud bath.

Washing off the pure smooth white mud

The Michael Jackson Fan club stopping for a photo opp. on the flamingo tour

Arriving at Ria Maya Restaurant.
The Palapa roofed dining room is on the second floor of the restaurant.

The meal is served family style with one large seafood platter for each 4 persons.There are options for those who do not care to eat seafood.

Climbing the ruins at Ek Balam is still permitted.
The climb of 100 ft on 106 steps is steep and challenging

The acropolis is 100 ft tall and a steep climb

The Ball court at Ek Balam

Archealogical work has been conducted at Chichen Itza since the late 19th century. At Ek Balam the work began in earnest only in the mid 1980's. The Site is much more relaxed than the ruins attracting many large groups by tour bus.

The ruins at Ek Balam is part of a flamingo tour to Rio Lagartos from Playa del Carmen,Tulum or Cancun
with Iguana Boats and Rio Lagartos Adventures

Ek Balam in Mayan means Black Jaguar

The original entrance to Ek Balam. Ek Balam was a walled city.

The palapa covered area protects the elaborate carvings

On your visit to Ek Balam after your Flamingo trip with Rio Lagartos Adventures  you will see how the jungle wants to recapture the buildings

The jungle needs to be continually cut back and still covers dozens of structures in the 12 square kilometer area that was once a thriving regional center for the Mayans

 In late winter- early spring the flamingos gather in the Rio Lagartos Bio Reserve.THere are flamingos here all year but the  end of April is the time of maximum Flamingos as most of the Yucatan´s flock of 40,000 are here to begin mating and nesting