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Rio Lagartos Adventures

Birdwatching,Flyfishing,Photography, Flamingo &Crocodile boat trips in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan

Rio Lagartos Adventures
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Photography Trips in Rio Lagartos
   Reddish Egret Fishing in Rio Lagartos 
    Reddish Egret Fishing
 During the past two years :
 I have returned to Rio Lagartos whenever possible to continue photographing.
The wide variety of habitats,the large number of species that live and visit here and the beauty of the surrounding area have drawn me back again and again.
 With the help of Diego Nunez and the members of the "Rio Lagartos Adventures"  I have had the opportunity to photograph many birds at a close range and to learn a great deal  about them.
 Diego and his group have a remarkable ability to find and  identify the birds and then get close enough for a chance at a good photo.They are sensitive to disturbing the birds.
.The photo trips are slower and bring you to different places than the Flamingo trips.They can be designed to find species you would like to photograph.Early morning and late afternoon are best times.Trips can be planned to start before sunrise so that you can photograph the first light.Many photographers arrive early enough the first day to photgraph in the late afternoon and then plan a pre dawn departure the folowing morning.
Diego and his guides understand the rythym of life here.(Tides,seasons,time of day,Migratory patterns) and how they affect wildlife here.
If you are interested in photographing here contact Diego to arrange a trip.The flamingo trips are an opportunity for some good shots but a trip designed for photography will give much better results.
Good shooting!
   Jim Legault
     Boatbilled Heron in the Rio Lgartos Bio Reserve 
            A Boat billed Heron
     Caracara photographed on a trip with Rio Lagartos Adventures
             A Caracara in the Bio Reserve           
            The launches used by the cooperative are stable and a
           good platform to work from.A tripod or mono pod can be 
           used when the boats have stopped. The cost is 130usd for 4 hours.
           You can schedule the time you would like but early morning and later in the
           afternoon is suggested for best light.     
       The Rio Lagartos Bio Reserve is in need of a good orthodontist
        Feruginous pygmy owl photographed with Diego Nunez of Rio Lagartos Adventures 
            A ferruginous Pygmy Owl
            Egrets feeding at low tide in the estuary in Rio Lagartos
       The Mexican sheartail is one of the endemics found in Rio Lagartos
            Mexican Sheartail Hummingbird
           Wood Rail
            A rare Jabiru on it's nest at a peten near Rio Lagartos.
           A nesting pair raised young in the nest now destroyed by weather.
            It is normal to see the Jabirus here for at least  some time every year