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​Sunset Flamingo


For flamingo and crocodile tours we  require payment in full with Paypal. Upon confirmation, we'll send you an invoice through Paypal in USD   for your reservation. You can pay us through your own Paypal account (preferable), or pay with a debit or credit card using the Paypal system. We take care of the 5% handling fee through PayPal.

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In case of cancellation, there will be no refund but with two days advance notice you can reschedule your Flamingo trip .

Flamingos can always be seen in Rio Lagartos.In the spring(Late April)they gather by the thousands to
mate and nest in the biosphere reserve. After the nesting season they disperse along the coast in search of feeding opportunities.They do not migrate to and from the Yucatan.They are residents here.They move along the Yucatan coast.They are Carribbean flamingos-phoenicopertus ruber ruber 
They rear their young in Rio Lagartos during the summer and into the fall.During the winter many feed in the Bio Reserve. This is one of the major feeding areas in the Yucatan. Others disperse along the coast in  search of food. In some areas flamingos are seen only when food is available.  Flamingos can always be seen here. Flamingos can be seen all day but the best time (and best photos) is usually early in the morning(7.00am) and in the evening around sunset.

The Boats meet all Mexican Coast Guard safety requirements,We are allowed to carry only 6 passengers and the captain and we have commercial grade# 1 life jackets  on board for all persons  plus VHF radios
All of our guides are licensed,trained and experienced



Many nature lovers  who would like a longer tour sign up for the birding  trip of 4 hours.These four hour tours give even more time to explore and experience the Reserva de la Biosphera Rio Lagartos. You can decide how to spend the time. Looking for crocodiles, more species of birds or a bit more time on the beach or in the mudbaths (  169usd )   Visit our Bird Watching Website (link)

Two Hour Tours

Two other options are the photography tours and Birding tours.More info at the link belowThese  are both 4 hours     Birding Yucatan

We are no longer doing 

2 hour tours. The time spent getting to the feeding grounds uses 

much of the time and

requires that we travel fast,use more gasoline, create more pollution and risk disturbing wildlife. Fewer slower tours is important for preserving the bio reserve. The slower longer tours are more enjoyable,relaxing.

​​Rio Lagartos  Adventures With Diego Nuñez & Son

We are the most experienced and recommended tour operators in
the Ria Lagartos Biosphere reserve.
All of our guides are licensed,trained and experienced.Safety, comfort and a complete

nature experience are our  goals.We have well maintained ,safe and insured  boats. with lifejackets and VHF radios for safety.Bird Books ,binoculars and a cooler with ice and cold bottled water are always available.

Our tours are longer and more complete than our competitors who bring you only to the closest group of Flamingos.We bring you to the feeding grounds and the salt ponds.
Our tour is over 4ok(24 miles)  total
and includes a stop at the beach and at the mud baths. Along the way we encounter many species of birds and usually Crocodiles.The guides are knowledgeable about the wildlife and skilled at pointing them out.

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Your choices for Flamingo Tours

Rio Lagartos,Yucatan is the home to Mexico's largest flock of Flamingos 40,000+  plus 395 species of birds have been identified here..

We have  different tours for Flamingos

​described below with the prices. All the tours are by reservation and have starting times.We do not combine groups in advance.

All the tours include a stop at the mud baths for a Baño Maya and later a stop at the beach for a swim.

All tours start and end at Ria Maya


 Our tours are much more than just Flamingos!!!! .

​​​     Deluxe Tours 


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Flamingo Boat Tours in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan

​​​Starting times

6:00,7:00 8:00 am. These times give the best results but if you are traveling to get here we of course will schedule a trip later,Please mention the time you would like  when booking. 

The Deluxe Flamingo trip is slower and longer than the Standard Trip.  3 hours not 2 hours.Because of the travel time to the feeding grounds there is not much extra time to explore on a standard trip. The extra hour gives us more time to show you wildlife and bird species and bring you further into the mangroves.This tour also visits the feeding grounds,mud bath and stops at the beach for a refreshing swim.

The Tours are all by reservation 

The cost is 139 usd per boat.(3 hours)

Starting Times

2:30 in winter

​3.30 -4:30 spring and summer with later Sunsets

The sunset Flamingo tour is also three hours.It leaves the Ria Maya Restaurant 3 hours before sunset and returns just after dark. Check Sunset Time at this link

This tour does not include the Mud bath or stop at the beach as we are returning when it is nearly dark. We spend the extra time exploring and observing Flamingos and other species.

The boat is reserved for your group.

The price per boat(not per person)

The cost is 139 usd per boat(3 hours)

Prices are per boat not per person.All the tours are by reservation,and the boats are reserved  for just your group. The tours include binoculars and a bird book to share. Cold bottled water and a cooler is provided. Payment is made in full by Paypal. When you confirm the time and trip you want we will send an invoice with Paypal to reserve your trip

On all of the tours you will see much more than Flamingos!!!