​The Launches are wider, more stable and more comfortable with a table and ample storage.Boarding is easier and safer.

Fresh water spring in the Mangrove

Isla Cerritos was once a Mayan trading port and is now a bird sanctuary and protected Mayan site

​​There are 35 miles of deserted beach in the Bio Reserve. It is the 3rd most important nesting area for sea turtles in the world.We see them occasionally during the  summer when they are here to lay eggs. Searching for shells ,beach combing and a swim are possible on our stop here. Many help the environment by collecting plastic that has washed ashore.We buy the first beer  or soft drink for those who help when we return to the restaurant!!

​Many species of Jelly fish live in the shallows of the estuary.Your guide will find samples  for a close look at many of the things in the productive shallow waters of the estuary. This area is also one of  the best Tarpon fishing areas in the world.

The boardwalk to the fresh water spring in the mangroves.

The mangroves are extremely important in combating climate change. They absorb 3 to 5 times as much Co2 as many dry forests and without them  as the nurseries  and habitat , many species of  fish would have dramatically reduced  populations. The mangroves also protect the coastal towns and ecosystems from the effects of hurricanes and tropical storms.

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Crocodiles are normally seen in the Peten.  This male is a resident.

see more images of Isla Cerritos in the slide show  below

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Because we are travelling on the Gulf of Mexico for this tour occasionally we need  change this tour for reasons of safety because of wind and waves. When this happens the tour automatically becomes a Nature Lovers Tour which is done in the estuary and we can do  safely when it's windy on the Gulf. We do not offer refunds when this happens.

The rarest and most primitive creature we see on this trip is the horse crab. They have been in exsistence continally for over 430 million years. They were around 200 million years before the dinosaurs and before the continents divided(continental drift) Their blood is blue caused  by copper content.There are used in the testing of vaccines because of the remarkable healing qualities of their blood. Blood is removed and they  are returned alive.

The fresh water springs are an oasis for birds and animals and help make the incredible bio diversity of the Bio Reserve possible.

​​​​​​The 4 hour The Beach Lovers and Mangrove Tour

The cost for up to 8 people is 169usd  not including a lunch there is also a 2.50usd /person park entrance fee

We take you first to an isolated beach on the Gulf of Mexico that you can reach only by boat to explore , beachcomb and swim.

Then we go to Isla Cerritos. It was the most important Mayan trading port for Chichen Itza and is now a bird sanctuary.

We visit a fresh water spring in the mangrove that is an oasis for many species of birds and animals including crocodiles

The final stop before returning is the lovely island beach  at San Felipe to relax and  swim. Along our route we encounter

the ancient horse crabs, many varieties of jellyfish ,sponges  and other species that your guide will catch and give you a close up look.

All of the destinations can be reached only by boat.

We use our largest and most comfortable launch which will take a group up to 8.We provide coolers  with ice and cold bottled water. You can bring your choice of beverage. You can bring a lunch or we are happy to prepare one for you in our restaurant. A freshly prepared ceviche with homemade tortilla chips is a popular choice.

This tour does not include flamingos. The flamingos are in the east of  the Bio Reserve(30 kilometers away) and we see them  only occasionally on the beach tour.

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Seeing Flamingos along the beach is rare but possible.

Our last stop before returning is a stop for  a lunch and swim at the beautiful and well maintained beach on an island near San Felipe


Isla Cerritos is a small island that was  once the major trading port for the city of Chichen Itza. Here salt produced in the estuary was  traded for goods from all over Central America. There was a 1000 ft breakwall (still visible under water) that protected an estimated 300 trading canoes.There were 29 structures. Now overgrown, the island is a rookery for Frigates,Cormorants,Pelicans and sometimes Woodstorks and Spoonbills. It is a protected wildlife refuge and also a protected historical site .We are not permitted on the island but  can approach closely with a boat. There always hundreds of birds here and sometimes turtles and Manta Rays can be seen.

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The Island beach near San Felipe

The Mayan port city ruins and bird sanctuary Isla CerritosType your paragraph here.