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Woodstorks with their chicks near Rio ​Lagartos

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Tiger Heron Chicks

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Mexican Sheartail Hummingbird

Emerald Hummingbird

The slide show below will take a few seconds to load but is worth the wait. All these photos were made in the bio reserve on trips with "Rio Lagartos Adventures"

The best way to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us is to spend a few days .We have excellent lodging at our new waterfront birding Lodge  "Ria Maya" and Restaurant.
Come Visit Rio Lagartos !
Bring a camera,your binoculars and a good appetite!!

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Great Blue heron with Lunch

The following lists( by land and by boat) are a sampling of the 395 species that have been recorded here.488 species have been recorded in the state of Yucatan and 533 on the Yucatan Peninsula. These lists grow every year! We have more of the Yucatan' species than any other location.

The most recent Bird lists for the Yucatan and the Rio Lagartos Bio Reserve. Click here To down load or print

Boat billed Heron with Chicks

All the Bird photographs in the website were made in the Bio Reserve or close by. 

Birding in the "Rio Lagartos Bio-reserve"

 The best way to experience the Rio Lagartos Bio reserve is with an experienced local bird guide .
Diego Nuñez is  the most experienced guide in Rio Lagartos and one of most experienced in the Yucatan.(he is  fluent in english)He can customize your birding here to find endemic species and others you would like to add to your life time lists.

We offer outings on land and by boat in order to see birds in the rich variety of habitats included in the 150,000 acre wildlife refuge.

Whether you are an experienced birder,a novice or interested in a class for beginners,we can arrange an outing that matches(challenges) your experience and knowledge level.

Copyright Rio Lagartos Adventures 2010-2020. All rights reserved.All photos copyright Jim Legault(unless noted by watermark) Diego Nuñez      9am-9pm     

Ferruginous Pygmy Owl

Land outings:

Yucatan Wren,Yucatan Bobwhite,Mexican Sheartail,Carnivet's emerald,
Ruby-throated Hummingbird,
Golden-fronted Woodpecker,
Grove-billed Ani,Tropical kingbird,
Tropical Mockingbird,Brown-crested Flycatcher,Turquoise-browed Motmot,Vermilion Flycatcher,
Mangrove Vireo,Rose-throated Becard,
Plain Chachalaca,,
Mangrove Cuckoo,White-lored Gnatcatcher and many more...........

By Boat

Mexican Bare-throated Tiger-heron,
Roseate Spoonbill,Woodstork,
Blue-winged Teal,

Boat-billed heron,
Snowy and Great Egret

Reddish Egrets,
White Ibis,Tri-colored and Little Blue Herons,Pygmy KingFisher
Brown and White Pelicans,
Magnificent Frigatebird,
Anhinga, Double Breasted Cormorant,Royal and Sandwich Terns,Herring,Ring-billed and Laughing Gulls,Green Heron.

Of course, the time of year,passage of migratory flocks and a bit of luck is always a part of birding but the amazing array of birds never ceases to amaze our visitors.

Birding in the Rio Lagartos Bio Reserve with Diego Nuñez

395 species of Birds have been identified here