Conserve nature: 

Conserving nature means to protect, preserve and respect  biodiversity.

Here are some ways that you can do this:

*Hire experienced  nature trained & certified local guides. 
*Do not take home wild animals or plants .

*Do not feed  wild animals .
*Do not buy/keep wild pets at home (such as parrots, song birds, wild cats, or reptiles), in order to avoid supporting illegal trafficking of animals .
*Be aware of wild animals crossing the road and respect their paths .

*Paying THE BIO RESERVE ENTRANCE FEE  which is a donation for many conservation projects in the areas !

Connect with nature: 

Connecting with nature means setting aside time to interact with the natural environment.

Here are some ways that you can do this:

*Organize trips to explore the national parks/nature reserves close to you.
*Join conservation programs .
*Participate in nature-focused citizen science initiatives .
*Use books or apps to identify the Birds, plants and animals around you .

*Hire experienced  nature trained & certified local guides. A certified guide has a lot of skills in whichever activity they specialize in. Hiring an experienced guide will save you time and ensure you find the best spots. Not only do they know the terrain like the palm of their hand, but they also know how the weather behaves, and they have a network of people in their field of work with whom they exchange knowledge.
A local guide will be able to take you to the best powder spots , to that secret uncrowded spot with the best views.


Understanding the importance of nature and biodiversity for our own well-being can really help us to help nature.

We encourage you to put these ideas into practice and share these actions with your family and friends.

Protected areas remain a cornerstone of global conservation efforts. The double impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss are major threats to achieving the Millennium Development Goals, especially those relating to environmental sustainability, poverty alleviation and food and water security.

The growing awareness of the planet’s vulnerability to human driven changes also provides an opportunity to re-emphasize the multiple values of natural ecosystems and the services that they provide.

Protected areas, when integrated into landuse plans as part of larger and connected conservation networks, offer practical, tangible solutions to the problems of both species loss and adaptation to climate change.

Natural habitats make a significant contribution to mitigation by storing and sequestering carbon in vegetation and soils, and to adaptation by maintaining essential ecosystem services which help societies to respond to, and cope with, climate change and other environmental challenges.

Many protected areas could be justified on socioeconomic grounds alone yet their multiple goods and services are largely unrecognized in national accounting.

This paper argues that there is a convincing case for greater investment in expanded and better- connected protected area systems, under a range of governance and management regimes that are specifically designed to counter the threats of climate change, increased demand and altered patterns of resource use.


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​​Rio Lagartos  Adventures With Diego Nuñez & Family

Rio Lagartos Adventures team are always  involved in many conservation programs in agreement with the bio reserve of Ria Lagartos management !

Installing signs and constructing docks and platforms .

* Picking up garbage at the beaches and mangroves jungle.

* Crocodile monitoring 

​* Birds and Flamingo banding program .

* Helping on the right promotion ( Discovery channel, Natgeo , BBC etc etc 

* Environmental education

* Training new local guides .

*Wetlands restoration.

* Following the rules from the Bio Reserve management .

* Birds & Animal rescue .