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 Opening on Sept 15th. 

We are opening in  a limited way on Sept 15th. We will be permitted to carry 50% of  capacity in our tour boats, We have one boat that will be able to carry 4 passengers(normally 8) The other boats will carry only 3. All passengers will be from the same group(no mixed groups) and required to wear masks.

We have decided to wait longer before opening our restaurant to the general public. Rooms and meals will be  available only to Fly fishermen and birders not the general public. Only persons with reservations will be permitted to enter the village. No one will be allowed to sell tours on the streets or at the entrance.


We have been very lucky in Rio Lagartos.There have been only a few  cases of Covid 19 .All the Hotels ,Restaurants and Tours  were closed in the middle of March and have stayed closed. A decision was made by the business owners and the town to close. We were lucky with all the European, American and Asian visitors  we have here during the winter. The health of our families and neighbors was the most important thing. The Yucatan has had cases mainly in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Merida.(as of July 1st) There have been  deaths  and many of those were connected to cruise ships that docked  near Cancun. People in the Yucatan are taking this seriously and closed all but essential businesses . Only factories  that can operate with  correct social distancing were open.

We are now  preparing for the opening .  Masks are required required to enter any of the businesses that are open. Hand sanitizing stations are  at  all the entrances.  The town will have a check point at the entrance to the town manned by police to encourage  being careful and reminding them of the rules. They are wearing masks and  shields. Each person gets  a little hand sanitizer. In the towns everyone is wearing a mask, many even when driving a car or motorbike. A mask will be  necessary for everyone here when we open.

Here at Rio Lagartos Adventures and Ria Maya Restaurant we are making preparations to open the restaurant and start tours. After the period of quiet the Bio Reserve is more active with wildlife than I have ever seen it. It is sad that the rest came because of Covid 19

We believe we can open safely  for our visitors and employees and we'll do everything we can to keep everyone safe

Ria Maya Restaurant 

All employees will be wearing masks and shields and washing hands before serving or                     approaching the table. Careful sanitizing will be done after each group. The kitchen will be sanitized daily and surfaces sanitized continuously through out the day.


The palapa roofed restaurant is open on three sides with no confined spaces. We have the best ventilated restaurant in Rio Lagartos. All tables will be at least 2 meters apart.


All customers will be asked to wash hands before entering the restaurant

Customers will be required towear a mask until they are seated

Tables will be placed 2 meters from the others

A mask will be required when leaving the tables to use the restroom or any other  reasons

Tables will be well sanitized between customers.​

Nature Tours (50% capacity)          

Our boats are open on all sides and the captain is  driving from the rear. The driver will be masked.


There is enough space between the guide and the passengers for correct social distancing 

All of the tours are private(only people in the group you came with)NO MIXED GROUPS


The boats will be sanitized between tours including binocular and bird books.


The guide will be wearing a mask and passengers also .


There is no reason not to have a wonderful tour in the Bio Reserve, Safely!

Rooms at Ria Maya       

Our rooms will be fully sanitized between  customers.

  Rooms will remain  empty for at least one day  before they are rented again

Staying multiple days

We have customers making reservations to stay multiple days. In the past visitors moved frequently on their vacations .Staying multiple days is a way to reduce exposure.

We can make  a multi day stay interesting, educational(and delicious) with the variety of tours we  offer(see the website) and safe.

Stay safe and come visit. Please make a reservation. We are so happy to to be opening and look forward to your visit


Diego Nuñez


Covid 19 in Rio Lagartos and the Yucatan