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​​Rio Lagartos  Adventures With Diego Nuñez & Family

A sunset, complete darkness & a sky full of stars, sounds of the life in the Bio-reserve and seeing crocodiles feeding are all part of a "Crocodile Night Trip" with Rio Lagartos Adventures.

The trip starts at"Ria Maya" restaurante after dark. Experience  a beautiful Sunset from Ria Maya Restaurant before getting

underway to the feeding grounds of the crocodiles.
While waiting for the complete darkness the crocodiles favor for feeding the launch will drift quietly with motor off. The sounds of the Bio-Reserve will take over.
The water can be alive with feeding fish and the air full of the sounds of birds you probably saw during a day trip.With almost no light clutter the sky dome is very nearly complete.Sometimes we  can experience bio luminence.With complete darkness the hunt for crocodiles can begin.
Using a high powered spot light the guides can find the crocs using the bright red reflection from their eyes.
Often it is possible to get quite close to these remarkable creatures.


Crocodile Night Trips(3 hrs)
TRIPS  START  after dark (by reservation)Times are listed on Reservation form as sunset varies during the year

PRICE IS PER BOAT (2-6 People Max) $ 149.00 usd Park Entrance Fee (per person) $ 2.50 usd
Includes boat and guide.

Reservation Required.

Crocodile Day Trips (3 hrs)

Start 11am
From October til June (during the dry season) the crocodiles can be seen in the mangroves sunning themselves to help maintain their body temperatures.They are inactive at these times and it is possible to get a close look. These trips are done during the middle of the day.

 PRICE IS PER BOAT (2-6 People Max) $ 149.00 usd

      Includes Boat and Guide

    Park Entrance Fee (per person) $ 2.50 usd


​​Crocodile Day and Night Tours 

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