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Diego Antonio Nuñez Martinez The first Certified Nature guide in the Ria Lagartos Biosphere reserve in 1996 .

We love guiding people in the great outdoors, are passionate about nature and trained in environmental education, heritage interpretation, or tourism guiding.

The excitement of guests when they see a bird flying by for the first time. Showing a sky full of stars to someone who lives where there is no night.

Even if becoming a Nature Guide and making a living from it can be hard in the beginning, the message is clear: When you are passionate about guiding and the nature around you, the work will pay off for you. You play an important role in transferring knowledge to people, creating awareness and protecting the environment by sharing your passion.

Often I invite guests for a walk through the jungle, by the estuary , and I tell them how this ecosystem works. This is how the whole idea of nature guiding was born. Nature Guide – a guide, who not only guides tourists to these unique places, but also gives some information about this natural world.

 A Nature Guide can show people nature from really close, in a nice place, make them fall in love with it, and also make it with all due respect.


Nature guiding is one of the latest professions linked with the nature, but in the West it has been known for years.

Find expert guides

A guided tour with a Nature Guide is an unforgettable experience – all guides know their region in and out and can reveal the hidden treasures and stunning secrets of the natural and cultural landscape that you would probably miss otherwise.

They are qualified and experienced and make sure that you are safe and well cared for at all times. Sustainability and the protection of nature and the environment are the foundation of their work.Commitment to people and nature

Nature Guides are people like you and me, yet experts in their field. With a solid base of knowledge about wilderness and the environment, local flora and fauna, as well as the customs and traditions of the area, their guided tours become unforgettable experiences. As ambassadors of the region, they are well networked and can act as a broker between local tourism businesses and visitor to help you make the most of your trip.

Nature Guides are networkers – communication is an important tool for them.

They are in close contact to authorities, nature reserve administrations, and the tourism industry and they lobby actively for nature conservation and sustainability.

Nature Guides take on responsibility to protect the natural treasures of their region, which provide the basis for sustainable nature tourism and their own livelihoods.

Nature tourism as an economic factor

Nature Guides help shape the future of rural regions. As active networkers and entrepreneurs and thanks to partnerships with local tourism businesses, they consolidate local value chains, boost the economy, and promote sustainable tourism in areas, which are often subject to rural depopulation and limited development perspectives.

​Sustainable Tourism: Tourism that leads to the management of all resources in such a way that economic, social, and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity, and life support systems. (Source: United Nations Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform)*

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​​Rio Lagartos  Adventures With Diego Nuñez & Family

Protected Natural Areas – ECOTOURISM

If what you like is ecotourism, in Yucatan we have 3 natural wonders you MUST visit:

Ria Lagartos , Celestun and Arrecife Alacranes .

Ria Lagartos is a special biosphere reserve 60,000 hectares located 210 Km from Merida City, it is rich in vegetation and ecosystems. Imagine go fishing, spend a day in their white sand beaches or bird watching, it is extraordinary! 

Celestún has a little over 59,000 hectares and both are  special biosphere reserve because it has not been altered by humans yet.

Ria Lagartos and Celestún are ones of the mains centers of nutrition for the pink flamingo, which is kind of flagship species in Celestún. Celestún it’s a nutrition and resting space for 95 resident and 75 migratory birds. Rio Lagartos is the only nesting area for flamingos in all Yucatan .

 Arrecife Alacranes  reef margins,  The islands are home to numerous birds and threatened species such as sharp-shinned hawk, peregrine falcon or whistling plover and turtle nesting area.