Beach Lover's Tour (4 hours) English of French Guide.

The crocodile tours are offered in the mid-day when they are sunning themselves and in the evening after dark when they are feeding. They are nocturnal creatures.
A sunset, complete darkness & a sky full of stars, sounds of the life in the Bio-reserve and seeing crocodiles feeding are all part of a "Crocodile Night Trip" with Rio Lagartos Adventures.
The trip starts at "Ria Maya" restaurant after dark. Experience a beautiful Sunset from Ria Maya Restaurant before getting underway to the feeding grounds of the crocodiles.
While waiting for the complete darkness the crocodiles favor for feeding the launch will drift quietly with motor off. The sounds of the Bio-Reserve will take over.
The water can be alive with feeding fish and the air full of the sounds of birds you probably saw during a day trip. With almost no light clutter the sky dome is very nearly complete. Sometimes we can experience bioluminescence. With complete darkness, the hunt for crocodiles can begin.
Using a high powered spotlight the guides can find the crocs using the bright red reflection from their eyes.
Often it is possible to get quite close to these remarkable creatures.

3197 pesos (139 usd) for up to 6 person  private tour

We have excellent fishing in the nearshore waters of the Gulf Of Mexico for species such as Grouper,Snapper,Sea Trout and Baracuda. We start early(7 am) and fish for 4 hours.. We provide all the tackle ,bait and lures. We can take up to 6 people at a time. We do not combine combine groups. All fishing are private tours. This for people who would like to spend a half day on the water with a chance to catch your supper. We will clean and prepare them in our restaurant (for a small charge) to eat along with our excellent seafood. We also have Fly fishing and  Light tackle  for serious anglers you can book through our contact page. 4 hours 4485 pesos( 195 usd

Light Tackle and Family Fishing

​Birding tours by land or Boat and Fly fishing are booked through our contact pages

The Nature Lovers tour includes one of our most experienced interpretive nature guides and is designed for those interested in learning more about the wildlife and plants of the Ria Lagartos Bio Reserve. This tour also visits the feeding grounds of the flamingos. The boat trips are the only way to see many of the species that live here, all from the comfort and safety of our well maintained launches. A stop at the mud baths and the beach is optional for those interested in spending more time viewing wildlife. The four hour tour takes you deeper into the mangroves and gives you an opportunity to see many more species of birds, crocodiles and occasionally the mammals that live here. This includes an interpretive guide in French, English or Spanish as requested. There is 40 pesos/person park entrance fee . We provide a cooler with ice and bottled water. All boats have a sunshade, ,binoculars to share and a bird identification book. Life jackets are available for everyone and we meet all Mexican Coast Guard Safety requirements.  Private  tour up to 6 persons  3,887 pesos( 169 usd)

We have dedicated ourselves to Eco Tourism full time as  a family since 1995. Rio Lagartos Adventures is the most experienced and recommended tour operator in the Ria Lagartos Biosphere reserve. We have worked with the Bio Reserve,visiting scientists,journalists and television to help promote,maintain and preserve this wonderful resource.

All of our guides are licensed , trained and experienced. Safety, comfort and a complete

nature experience are our  goals. We have well maintained ,safe and insured  boats. with lifejackets and VHF radios for safety. Bird Books ,binoculars and a cooler with ice and a cold bottled water. Boats have sunshades.

Our tours are longer and more complete than our competitors who bring you only to the closest group of Flamingos. We bring you to the feeding grounds. A total of 40 kmm round trip (24 miles)
  (includes a stop at the beach and at the mud baths). Along the way we encounter many species of birds and usually  Crocodiles. The guides are knowledgeable about the wildlife and skilled at pointing them out.

Unlike  many  inexperienced guides we follow all rules about disturbing wildlife.

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We take you first to an isolated beach on the Gulf of Mexico that you can reach only by boat to explore, beachcomb, and swim.
 Then we go to Isla Cerritos. It was the most important Mayan trading port for Chichen Itza and is now a bird sanctuary.
 We visit a freshwater spring in the mangrove that is an oasis for many species of birds and animals including crocodiles
 The final stop before returning is the lovely island beach at San Felipe to relax and swim. Along our route, we encounter the ancient horse crabs, many varieties of jellyfish, sponges, and other species that your guide will catch and give you a close-up look.
All of the destinations can be reached only by boat..

Private  tour up to 6 persons  3,887 pesos( 169 usd)

Please use an experienced guide. Inexperienced unlicensed guides can disturb the Flamingos and other  wildlife.

Please observe  the rules about feeding,approaching too closely and disturbing wildlife

Photography trips are designed especially for photographers.
   They are slower ,longer and penetrate deeper into the mangroves. The guides are skilled at finding the species of birds you are looking for  and getting close enough for a chance  at making a good shot.
Not disturbing the wildlife is an
important part of this.
  The launches we use are a stable platform for photographing , even with long lenses. The launches make it possible to safely reach  places that would be otherwise impossible. The trips are 4 hours long and can be designed to find the species you are looking for. The Bird List of the Bio Reserve can be used to
to make a wish list for photography here. We will do our best to help you find them.
For those interested we also do photography tours by land.

Crocodile Day and Night Tours (3hours)


All the tours are private and the price is per boat(up to six) not per person.

Photography Tours 4 hours (French or English guide) 4117 pesos (179usd)

 We accept credit cards if you arrive without a reservation but  prefer cash in dollars or pesos.

Cancellation Policy:
In case of cancellation, there will be no refund but with two days advance notice you can reschedule your Nature tour  for anytime in the next year .


We do not visit the pink water at Los Colorados on our tours The color of the water is is caused by adding a chemical to the water to purify the salt .Link to real information

Flamingos can always be seen in Rio Lagartos.In the spring(Late April)they gather by the thousands to mate and nest in the biosphere reserve. After the nesting season they disperse along the coast in search of feeding opportunities. They do not migrate to and from the Yucatan.They are residents here.They move along the Yucatan coast. They are Carribbean flamingos-phoenicopertus ruber ruber 
They rear their young in Rio Lagartos during the summer and into the fall.During the winter many feed in the Bio Reserve. This is one of the major feeding areas in the Yucatan. Others disperse along the coast in  search of food. In some areas flamingos are seen only when food is available.  Flamingos can always be seen here. Flamingos can be seen all day but the best time (and best photos) is usually early in the morning(7.00am) and in the evening around around sunset



Nature Lovers Tour (4 Hours with English or French Guide

​​Rio Lagartos  Adventures With Diego Nuñez & Family

Flamingo Lovers Tour (3 Hours) English or French guide

A 3 hour private tour of approximately 50km (30miles) through the estuary of the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve. We navigate the mangrove channels to explore and enjoy the extensive natural diversity. The captain / guide will help you identify the different species of flora and fauna and share their knowledge on the ecology of the area, many different types of birds will be sighted such as flamingos, herons, eagles, pelicans among others395 species of birds have been reported in the bio reserve. There is the possibility of observing some crocodiles, we will stop at a wooden platform to explain about the extraction of salt and you can enjoy a mud bath(Bano Maya(optional) in a fine white clay which has very good exfoliating properties. (treatment used in the past by the Mayans for the Skincare) then we will move to an island beach with only a few palapas for shade where you can swim and wash off the clay. The tour ends at Ria Maya Restaurant where you can have a shower lunch ,soft drinks or a cold beer. The Sunset Flamingo lover's tour does not include the mud bath and the beach as we are returning after dark

for up to 6 persons with French or English Guide 3657pesos (159 usd Approx)

Sunrise or Sunset Flamingo Lover's (3 hours with French or English Guide

3657  pesos (​159 usd) 

Prices are per boat not per person.All the tours are by reservation,and the boats are reserved  for just your group. We do not combine groups.The tours include binoculars and a bird book to share. Cold bottled water and a cooler is provided. 

All the tours include a stop at the mud baths for a Baño Maya and later a stop at the beach for a swim.The mud bath and the beach are optional  for those interested in seeing more wildlife

All tours start and end at Ria Maya


Flamingo Tours , Crocodile Tours,Photography Tours ,Fly Fishing ,Light Tackle ,Bird Watching, 

Flamingo and Nature Tours in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan

We offer the following options for  Flamingo and ​Nature trips  (listed  below) that you can book  online here. We also offer  multiple day Birdwatching and Tarpon Fly fishing. These can be booked through our contact page. Our tours are by reservation and you can choose your starting time. Reserving online will assure your choice of time with an English or French speaking guide. The choices we offer are below: We are not a high volume tour operator with waiting lines. We do not take reservations for shared tours. We do high quality custom tours with experienced guides that have a minimum impact on the environment.

​We do not visit the pink water on our tours. The bright pink ponds can not be reached by boat. The red color is not natural. It is caused by adding a chemical to  purify the salt. Real information here on the pink water

Rio Lagartos,Yucatan is the home to Mexico's largest flock of Flamingos 40,000+  plus 395 species of birds have been identified 

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