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​​Rio Lagartos  Adventures With Diego Nuñez & Family

Egrets with chicks on their nest

Below are just a small sample of the 395 species that have been registered here

Woodstork and Roseatte Spoonbill

The cost for Photography Trips is 199 usd for 4 hours.

The cost is for the boat and guide There is a 2.50 usd per person park entrance fee.

I suggest taking no more than 2

photographers in each boat.

Early morning and late afternoon are the best times for the light.

Many photographers plan an afternoon trip the day they arrive and then a morning trip the following day.It is easily possible to spend several days photographing 



Great Blue Heron with Lunch

Wood rail

Photography trips are designed especially for Photographers.

They are slower ,longer and penetrate deeper into the mangroves. The guides are skilled at finding the species of birds you are looking for  and getting close enough for a chance  at making a good shot.

Not disturbing the wildlife is an

important part of this.

 The launches we use are a stable platform for photographing from even with long lenses. The launches make

it possible to safely reach  places that would be otherwise impossible.The trips are 4 hours long and can be designed to find the species you are looking for. The Bird List of the Bio Reserve can be used to

to make a wish list for photography here.We will do our best to help you find them.

For those interested we also do photography tours by land.


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Cinnamon  Hummingbird

Mexican Sheartail chicks about 1 week old.

​         "Photography Trips " 

in the Rio Lagartos Bio Reserve

Young Black Hawk

During the past two years :
 I have returned to Rio Lagartos whenever possible to continue photographing.
The wide variety of habitats,the large number of species that live and visit here and the beauty of the surrounding area have drawn me back again and again.

With the help of Diego Nunez and the members of the "Rio Lagartos Adventures"  I have had the opportunity to photograph many birds at a close range and to learn a great deal  about them.
 Diego and his group have a remarkable ability to find and  identify the birds and then get close enough for a chance at a good photo.They are sensitive to disturbing the birds.

The photo trips are slower and bring you to different places than the Flamingo trips.They can be designed to find species you would like to photograph.Early morning and late afternoon are best times.Trips can be planned to start before sunrise so that you can photograph the first light. Many photographers arrive early enough the first day to photograph in the late afternoon and then plan a pre- dawn departure the following morning.
Diego and his guides understand the rythym of life here.(Tides,seasons,time of day,Migratory patterns) and how they affect wildlife .
If you are interested in photographing here contact Diego to arrange a trip.The flamingo trips are an opportunity for some good shots but a trip designed for photography will give much better results.
Good shooting!
   Jim Legault